JAY STONES: A University, Two Comets and Holy Taboos.

It wasn’t until spring 2013 that i heard the name & that unmistakeable voice of, JAY STONES. It’s soft & low at times, but JAY has no trouble doing a high-pitch falsetto. “Red Moon” featuring JAY’s collaborator, hip-hop artist THE DROPOUT (& 1/2 of the group HXRRXRLAND) showcases JAY’s range. It also showcases  The Dropout’s  part-cynical part-seductive flow that makes such a brilliant contrast to JAY’s role as protective savior.

The music itself is, well, funkified space music with echoes of1960’s peace & drugs band, the immortal LOVE.  The Dropout & JAY STONES beautiful EP SAGA OF TWO COMETS .  There’s no other release that i’m aware of that has such a lightly sadistic hypnotic quality to it. Like the guy putting the rohipnol in your drink doesn’t try to hide it; he looks in your eyes, gently dropping one then another and, if you complain, he sternly reminds you that if you dont drink you’ve got a 20-mile midnight walk home.

“[Hope]This Makes Sense” might just be tied as this duo’s gem. It’s a JAY STONES centerpiece of spoken word. It’s, like many of JAY’s masterpieces, short yet somehow packed with just the right elements to dare you not to play it again. JAY has us believe at first listen that what occurs between he and a girl is reality. Then it’s a question mark. JAY STONES is one of those uber-clever Artists who doesn’t want to rub his cleverness in our faces, not too much anyway. Instead he plays with sounds and moods that convince us that we’re all slightly alien.

The other piece tied for a SAGA masterpiece is “Let’s Walk”. It features standout flow & rhyme-scheme from the Dropout. If this young man’s influence doesn’t dictate the spoken word of future hip-hop, then hip-hop will probably suck so bad it will inhale itself.

But there is much reason to be optimistic. In my next post I’ll drop some names of young Artists who seem to be catching up with the veteran “rappers.” There’s not enough room in this one since i’m still riding on that JAY STONES wave with as much fury as in 2013. He’s continually introducing us to new ways of thinking about and of hearing, sound.


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