L.S – YOU’RE WRONG [MUSIC VIDEO] @LimitlessSoundz {Bars without Chains}

“Before you judge, you better honor.” Affirmative. This is a powerful line from L.S.’s single “You’re Wrong.”

L.S. aka LIMITLESS SOUNDZ. is a Chicago native who’s been making a lot of positive noise for himself over the past year.

Just look at his resume. He’s a Poet, Activist, Author,  Actor, Motivator, Producer, Hip-Hop Connoisseur, Linguist — and i’m as out of breath as mediocre rapper gasping between bars.  I’m guessing L.S. is probably a culinary expert, a political scientist and a psychologist as well. His rhymes reflect a vast and profound knowledge of the world. And anyway he’s called LIMITLESS.

“You’re Wrong” is L.S. long-awaited never-to-be-overrated hip-hop gem. It is also his first visual. {Watch it here )

Despite resembling a Nubian Model in, say, International Male, L.S. is not some “pretty-guy artist” with all style and no substance. His flow is hard and in my humble opinion he’s already joined the ranks of RAS KASS and BUENO. Indeed L.S. also has the ferocity and authenticity of Detroit’s legendary Poet E-FAV        –.himself a member of the Legendary hip-hop quartet CLEAR SOUL FORCES .

L.S. most recently raised his profile by collaborating with Chicago’s famous indie Soul Crooner JERELL on the Anti-Chiraq Underground Classic “City Of Broken Hearts”. JERELL turned a grim topic (gun violence) into a heartfelt threnody for lost youth. The critically-acclaimed song ended with L.S. spitting a disturbing metaphor about the plight of African-americans: “I shed so many tears / Might’ve broken a levee.”

“You’re Wrong” is as flawless as the intellect of its author. But L.S. really earns the crown & leaves no doubt of his prowess during the final 30 seconds: A bold acapella salute to himself, his Culture & his undeniably rich, complex visions: It’s unexpected, jarring and it’s one of the most brilliant 30 seconds of music i’ve heard in a long while.

I’ve failed to mention aspects of the visual. L.S. is energeticm spitting his rhymes in a graffiti-decorated alleyway. His presence is as stunning as his raw, impassioned delivery. And while he was most certainly lip-syncing as is the standard practice when filming, i wasn’t convinced of it. Again, it’s his confident stage presence that should probably lead to roles in TV and film.

Finally, i was completely moved both watching L.S. mouthing the final 30-second acapella as i was hearing the Poet’s rage without visual. “You’re Wrong” will hopefully put L.S. on a metaphoric pedestal where he can shine like the Poet he is. As hip-hop’s next to reign intellectual, L.S. might change the world.

RATING:* * * * 1/2


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