The thraxx genre described as “scary space music” is yet the next interesting wave in hip-hop. Thraxxhouse king Key Nyata gives not a taste but a heavy dose to the unitiated on his album COSMIC DAD.

“Nights with Aliens” introduces us to Key God who informs us that  “some call [him] Black Jesus.” It’s slowed, paranoid, and  cosmic. Key God has a point. “DE4THSTAR” is Key God’s claim on the universe. His spitting is, as you’d expect from Black Jesus, top-shelf. {I secretly hope that Key God is immortal}.

“Swerve” is a highlight, an instant classic no matter what the genre. Fractured beats accompany the ghoulish spitting by Cosmic Dad and Black Kray, while the song devolves a bit into sounding like a tortured mixtape.

“IWANNAD!SAP3AR” is an even deeper plunge into the Key God’s dreams. A fuzzy background mix (My Bloody Valentine?), paranoid spitting about conspiracies: it’s hip-hop but … something else too. Thraxxhouse is just something beyond any definition i could give it. Close as i can come: shoegaze, alt hip-hop, and industrial having a threesome?

The outro “B.O.S. (Body of Stars)” is Air-meets-trap. A fitting close to this fine work of art. Am i obligated to add a disclaimer: Not for everyone? Shit no. What music is for Everyone? Open-minded purveyors of the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop in its many forms will no doubt delight in Key God’s eccentric poetry.

Other genre-clans may be taken in by COSMIC DAD‘s almost cinematic qualities. It’s not Rob Zombie fierce. Rather it’s unsettling in a nearly pleasant way. Like minimalist music perhaps. I’ll ask COSMIC DAD for his thoughts.


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