Is VON TAE’ the New King Of RnB?

He’s got a voice so youthful, clean and infectious he could bring a crowd to their knees. And (bonus alert) “Miss You So Much” ends our post-1990s quest for the perfect 1990’s breakup song.

He is of course VON TAE’ and he is the New King of Soul. I promised myself there’d be no MJ mentions.

“Speedin'”  and “Touche” are  irresistible slow-hump funk each about a different side of a man’s frustration in love: in the first he’s a man on fire-in-love so ready to get it. But he’s bitter with suspicion and angry, ready to quit it the other (“Touche”).

My Own Religion has been high on my list of 2014’s best albums since its premiere. Stylish, bold, and full of frantic fever for the dance-floor, it’s eclectic but not confused about genres.

The album contains some of the best spitting of the year (“Show-Out’, ‘Touche’). I was, still am, amazed and like everyone else blown away at VON TAE’s frenetic, show-stopping performance on “Stuntin'”. I still hear the song blasting in clubs and in cars alike. The Artist knows how to rock a crowd to exhaustion, we already knew it, we already knew he did it well above and beyond the average.. So what did VON TAE do in “Stuntin”?

Of course he raised the soul-stirring passion higher with his spitting. The song defines the name VON TAE’: proud, capable, humble but willing to admit he’s better than most, and therefore we add honesty, integrity, fearlessness. and strictly-held and enforced quality control standards. This album wouldn’t have been made by anyone else because they’d say “perfection” is impossible, that they’ll do their best.

VON TAE recently tweeted big life-changing news that since #BrokenBoundariesOfExistence was entirely predictable. I didn’t seek permission from the Artist to share his tweets so i will not be repeating his words here. I will say while there is a new, hyped-up name every month, its heat dies down and is replaced by another. VON TAE’ has been riding high with a steady, ever-growing wave of popularity and acclaim since early this year at album’s release. It has not died down. The first album was remarkable, made him a sensation. Sophomore slump is not a dilemma VON TAE suffers. A #VONTAKEOVER has occurred. Music’s most influential young star has i’ve no doubt big ideas on how to change the music scene.  #MyOwnReligion was one such big idea. Looks as if it’s paying off.  RATING * * * * * 5 star music



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