I hope readers and listeners are as green as i am about this terminology, “white popular sovereignty.” I had never heard the terminology prior to viewing and listening to DR. CONNOLLY’s Commentary.

What he said and described does indeed make a whole lot of sense. Here is my attempt to define (but not to plagiarise DR. CONNOLLY) “white popular sovereignty.” White popular sovereignty refers to the political-cultural mindset in america among whites who show resistance to the federal government in such a way that it clearly delineates whites as being a “true ” citizenship” class or group. That is to say, that no other ethnic, or racial group in america would ever permitted to, say, demand that a sitting president provide his birth certificate to quell racist hatred. Of course, racism white supremacy won that battle against Obama. There is no way to imagine a community of African-americans openly defying the federal government without some kind of punishment being returned, heavy-handed and with punitive intent, against the defiant members. White popular sovereignty, as i understand its meaning, explicitly demonstrates that true-citizenship has only ever been enjoyed by whites. Africans in america have never been full and true citizens.

I’m a bit surprised that DR. CONNOLLY views “white popular sovereignty” as the biggest problem in race. It’s not that i disagree with him, it just surprised me at first because it’s quite different than the usual response we expect from a person when asked “What the biggest problem in race?”

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Black America -v- White America=Reloaded


I write within the context of American historical racial events and authoritative documents accounting for the pestering present day obvious race issues, and recent, but not new, social events created from the Black and White problem here in our great society.

The main problem when realistically observed is the society collectively denies racism exist. White people being in the greatest status quote positions dictate social realities. They cannot see racism oppressive role in American social institutions because the overall majority of White Americans believe in the spirit of the US Constitution. Most White Americans are prevented, by deceptive social constructs found in America’s Constitution, like the phantom belief of Freedom, Justice, and Equality for all Americans.

This is the standard patriotic belief of all Americans that hides the dark conscience of America destroying the souls of Black folks with pestering ongoing suffering in the society.

Black people on the other…

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