I hope readers and listeners are as green as i am about this terminology, “white popular sovereignty.” I had never heard the terminology prior to viewing and listening to DR. CONNOLLY’s Commentary.

What he said and described does indeed make a whole lot of sense. Here is my attempt to define (but not to plagiarise DR. CONNOLLY) “white popular sovereignty.” White popular sovereignty refers to the political-cultural mindset in america among whites who show resistance to the federal government in such a way that it clearly delineates whites as being a “true ” citizenship” class or group. That is to say, that no other ethnic, or racial group in america would ever permitted to, say, demand that a sitting president provide his birth certificate to quell racist hatred. Of course, racism white supremacy won that battle against Obama. There is no way to imagine a community of African-americans openly defying the federal government without some kind of punishment being returned, heavy-handed and with punitive intent, against the defiant members. White popular sovereignty, as i understand its meaning, explicitly demonstrates that true-citizenship has only ever been enjoyed by whites. Africans in america have never been full and true citizens.

I’m a bit surprised that DR. CONNOLLY views “white popular sovereignty” as the biggest problem in race. It’s not that i disagree with him, it just surprised me at first because it’s quite different than the usual response we expect from a person when asked “What the biggest problem in race?”

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