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JULES BORN: From “Missouri” to the Future of Conscious Art

JULES BORN and BABI ALI of the conscious duo VOICES OF BLACK are Geniuses — though i admit it’s tacky for a non-genius to presume to know who is and who isn’t a Genius. They’ve moved us spiritually, and opened our minds little by little; their complexity isn’t overwhelming.

And the consensus is, from people smarter than i am, that yes these two Artists are making historic, brilliant, bold and important music. Even if “Missouri Loves Company” is the only JULES BORN (or V.O.B.) piece you’ve heard, you’ve been enlightened. It’s a deceptively quiet earthquake whose goal, in my mind, is to bury the memory of such badge-wearing racists and murderers like darren whats-his-name and to celebrate, sanctify and resurrect the disabled notion of civility.

To say it less awkwardly, “Missouri” (pronounce it “Mis-ery” if you’d like) is to remind us that the late MICHAEL BROWN stands for innocence. Whether he was a professor, a homeless man, a struggling actor, a petty pilferer, or a law school student — doesnt matter: Most compassionate homo-sapiens agree that MR. BROWN deserved better, far far better than what Ferguson’s elite delivered him.

JULES BORN’s latest “Fine Doubt” is every bit as vital as “Missouri Loves Company”, with a similarly deceptive mid-tempo urgency and tentative-sounding optimism for humanity. It’s got the ethereal, throwback quality of TWIN SHADOW — which is to say they both sound original, beautiful and disarming in their own rights.

Also notable is “Told You”, a JULES BORN collab with the critically-acclaimed, genre-agnostic Artist NEFF THE SKYWALKER, whose head and heart are hip-hop inspired but who sounds as if who resists the notion of boudaries. He’s remarkable and both and he BORN are in good company. “Told You” is a winner.

Why shouldnt it be? JULES BORN and NEFF THE SKYWALKER are gods.