The Case for Repair, Part 2

Dr. Connolly is spot-on, as usual. White popular sovereignty is what created and maintains the American system. Dismantling white sovereignty is the first realistic step toward ending white privilege and white supremacy. We need to begin the deconstruction of whiteness as a moral standard — of course the whiteness standards have proven to be morally reprehensible. Dr. Connolly is, along with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, certainly a voice to shape America’s future, but only if we listen.

Urban History Association

A Guest Post by N. D. B. Connolly.  See Part 1 Here.

Policemen Choking African American Rioter

So, what do we do? With ‘nuff respect for all the bandwidth Coates has burned through making the case for racial justice over the years, and with a tip of the hat to the work of Congressman Conyers, Randall Robinson, and many others, I offer these recommendations for reframing old issues and marshaling new ones in the name of repairing a racist government, in the name of making reparations.

First, I believe we need to use the history of white supremacy to revise, fundamentally, the rules of capital accumulation, racial segregation, and violence that continue to fuel the wealth of nations, ours and others. We need a new blueprint, at a policy and political level, that reverse engineers the state-sponsored taking of black people’s futures, one that halts social processes that have made it in every group’s…

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